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What is 

A collective of athletes and coaches that share a similar vision, to become the best they can be!

Connecting Dots

Alliance Tumbling & Cheer was founded with the mission of creating a safe and positive environment for athlete’s to train no matter what team, gym, or sport they are from! Cheerleaders, Dancers, Gymnasts, Tumblers, and kids just looking to have some fun, come together to work towards achieving their goals. Alliance’s programs are solely class, lesson, and clinic-based with no competitive teams. Our coaches want to see your athlete succeed not only in the gym but in life! With carefully cultivated classes, loads of positive encouragement, and an emphasis on fun, your athlete’s goals can become a reality!

Meet the Team

Our Core Values

Client Success

When our athletes succeed, we succeed. So we take pride in encouraging our athletes to dream big!

Small Actions Make a Big Difference

Every drill, every thought, and every workout adds up to bring you closer to reaching your goals!

Constantly Pursue Growth

Believe that growth is possible and commit to go after it!

Mistakes Help Us Grow

It is okay to make mistakes! If you never failed then you would never learn. 

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